Monday, September 28, 2009

Lego Birthday Party

Here are a few pics from my son's recent Lego themed birthday party. It was really fun to plan it as it was a departure from the run-of-the mill party themes and inflatable world parties, etc. My 7 year old really enjoys playing with Legos so it was great fun for him! Using a simple Lego graphic, we repeated it on items used throughout the party, from centerpieces to water bottle wrappers, treat bag tags, gift labels and party hat stickers. Legos come in basic primary colors which helped to make the decorating very easy since those colors are so easy to find. Here are a couple of ideas that you may want to use if you decide to have a Lego party:

1. Set up a Lego Land play area for the kids to play Legos during the party. (Hint: We used a train table. It has a raised edge all the way around so the Legos stayed on the table...pretty much)

2. Print cool Lego coloring sheets from the Lego website and set up a table where party guests can color their own Lego sheets to take home.

3. Right now in the Halloween treat section of our local Target I found individually packaged single Lego creation packages for 2.99. Use them as favors or prizes for games.

4. Have a Lego contest where you reward kids for the most unique, most colorful, tallest, etc. Lego creations. Everyone should win something!

5. Use real Lego pieces in glass containers or jars for centerpieces and decorations.

6. Encourage the grown-ups to build with the kids too! Have fun!

Lego centerpiece

Lego treat bags and water bottles for party guests to take home.

Yummy Lego Cake by It's A Piece of Cake!


Anonymous said...

Very cute idea!!

Nf1andprek-whisper said...

hi, I love the water bottle idea... Did you just cut and paste a lego into a blank document and then print on labels?? love it