Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A Huge Success!

Our wonderful and lovely staff at The Cordial Cricket, before we opened the doors. (We look so calm, despite the 60+ people watching us from outside anxiously waiting to come inside)

The line of incredibly anxious, wonderful customers waiting outside for 45 minutes. You can't even see the part that was wrapped around the other side of the building!

Our gorgeous cake, made by It's A Piece of Cake,
to match our invitation exactly!

Just one of our many new beautiful displays!

If you have been following us for anytime, you know that we recently threw ourselves our first birthday party. We were celebrating the first year in our new Chester location and BOY was it a party! Our party was held on Saturday, August 29th and we gave out SWAG bags full of free merchandise to the first 30 customers who arrived. (They were gone in about 30 seconds, since we had a LONG line of folks waiting starting at 9:15 and we didn't even open the doors until 10:00.) We also had a wonderful cake, created by local baker, It's A Piece of Cake, that folks are STILL talking about! And we had a huge patio sale with many items up to 60% off.

Words cannot describe the feelings that I still have about the amazing number of folks who showed up to wait outside my store for this event. I really do have THE most wonderful customers, I mean really wonderful and loyal customers. I tried my best to greet every one of them, but am sure that I didn't get to them all. Many people waited over an hour to check out, with their arms loaded down with merchandise and were so patient. Some even made friends with others while they waited.

I have many blessings to be thankful for and the support of this event by so many wonderful people will always be one of them.

Elizabeth Howard

(Stay tuned for more info about what the 30 lucky customers found in their SWAG bags! I promise we will have many, many more bags for our next event.)


Beth Zuskin Andersen said...

I'm sorry I couldn't be there, Elizabeth - sounds like it was WONDERFUL! Congratulations!

Lisa Anne said...

Wow the cake, the displays the super long line of people look amazing. How exciting. I wish I could visit your store.

Lisa said...

How fun for you! I have had an online boutique for a long time and dream off and on of a real store. Good luck!