Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Now Featuring...You!

We have so many great customers who send great invitations and throw fabulous parties, in addition to having lovely brides who throw weddings to die for, so we thought it would be fun to start featuring some of you, you meaning our customers and their parties!

We know you're out there and we know you are having fun parties with neat table settings, unique touches, favors, flowers, recipes and ideas...so share them!

If you would like your party or wedding to be featured on our blog for all the world to see, email us at info@thecordialcricket.com with a brief description of your event, type, theme, special touches you had, etc. and include 2 to 3 pictures of your event. You can even include a recipe for something that was a hit at the party if you would like. We will notify you when we plan to feature your event and send you a link to the feature.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

1 comment:

Lisa Anne said...

That is so nice of you guys to do. I'm not having any parties or weddings just yet!!