Thursday, April 1, 2010

National Letter Writing Month

I must say that April is one of my favorite months of the year as a retailer. Why, you might ask? Doesn't seem like a particularly special month in which customers would be beating down the doors like the holiday season. If you're in the business we're in, which is stationery, invitations and gifts, then you know that stationery gets its own special recognition in the month of April when National Letter Writing month is celebrated. Of course, there are many great reasons to send handwritten correspondence every month of the year, but some folks may need a little extra boost to mail that letter they've been meaning to send and National Letter Writing month could be just the thing!

In celebration of National Letter Writing month we will be having a special sale on all of the beautiful and unique stationery in our store. We have many loyal customers who indeed still cherish the written note and love to have stylish and appropriate stationery for every occasion. If this describes you, then this is your month to stock up and get a fabulous deal on some new stationery to add to your paper wardrobe. All in-stock stationery will be 20% off for the entire month of April and we have some great deals on special order stationery as well, such as Crane & Co.'s great Signature Event described below.

Crane’s Signature Event
Consumers will get their name or monogram and return address dies free on engraved and letterpress personalized stationery orders of at least 100 sets (a $96 retail value). Or they may receive a free return address on thermographed personalized stationery orders of at least 100 sets. The number of printed envelopes ordered must match the number of thermographed or flat-printed cards, notes, folders or sheets ordered.

So, are you up for the challenge? We are, and we've even cooked up a great challenge here for our staff to see who will send the most handwritten notes this month. There is sure to be lots of friendly competition!

Oh and one more thing, to help encourage folks to write lots of notes and letters during National Letter Writing month, we have a huge jar set up in our store for customers to drop their letters in and we will buy their stamp and mail their letters for them all month long! No excuses now, so stop in soon to pick out your new stationery and drop off your letters and notes for us to mail.

The Cordial Cricket

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