Monday, August 3, 2009

Shop Local, Be Vocal

Do us (and a few million other independent, small businesses) a favor this week. Shop locally at 3 independent locally owned stores in your area this week, preferably 3 whom you would never want to see disappear. Then, be vocal about it and comment on this post to tell us which 3 stores in your town that you chose!

Visit for more info on the shopping local movement!

We thank you in advance :)


Lisa Anne said...

I am all about buying local as opposed to the large chain stores. I'm up for this challenge and can't wait as I love shopping. I'm really getting into the Green movement and doing what I can. I'm far from perfect but I'll get there.

Stoping by as I saw you on roll call and just doing my part as a SITS-ah.

Stop by my site and say HI.

I'm going to follow you as I need all the Green help i can get. I hope you don't mind.

Lisa Anne said...

I've posted about this on my blog!! I hope the word gets out!!

If you have ideas of what I should do with my FLIP FLOp (see my post from firday) I'm running the contest till Friday.



Ali said...

Great idea!

ItsKelly said...

Great idea! I love my local stores!

Jeanette said...

I am all about buying local. Love it! Happy Saturday Sharefest day!