Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ben's Garden

We are pleased to introduce Ben's Garden handcrafted products to our customers. Arriving this week, we will be carrying several designs of Ben's glass paperweights, note pads, glass trinket trays and wall plaques as well as his beautiful nature inspired glass magnets. Come party with us on Saturday, August 29th when the new Ben's Garden display will be revealed for all to enjoy! These items feature wonderful inspirational quotes & messages and are made by Ben in his studio in New York. They will make wonderful gifts for your wonderful friends! Read more about Ben below.

Ben Busko has always drawn inspiration from the gardens surrounding him. Raised in Setauket, New York on Long Island, his mother and father, art gallery proprietors, introduced him to gardening with a small herb garden when he was 4 years old. Ben carefully arranged his garden plot, and propagated his plants for sale to family and friends. As Ben’s garden grew larger, so did his passion for gardening.

Ben started BEN’S GARDEN when he was just 8 years old, selling a small collection of decoupage crafts inspired by his garden. With persistence he developed account relationships with Smith & Hawken and the New York Botanical Garden. Impressive sales demonstrated the strong demand for his unique range.

Today, Ben Busko, 24, has a small staff of artists to assist with production of his signature BEN’S GARDEN designs. They use artisan techniques honored for centuries, in his Studio steps from the most fabled Gold Coast Harbor, in Oyster Bay, N.Y. on Long Island. His ever-expanding collection includes coasters, stationery, paperweights, artwork, decoupage trays and platters -all inspired by the charm in vintage papers, botanical prints & the antique curiosities he patiently unearths.

Ben’s celebrated BEN’S GARDEN stores bring a fresh perspective to America’s favorite passion. The stores feature his favorite things: unusual plants, myrtle topiaries, one-of-a-kind, vintage furniture, antiques, artwork, home accessories, garden instruments, garden ornaments, and beautiful books to lose an afternoon in. Stroll in to the sounds of a French cafĂ© or preview the new store collections while sipping a mojito at our anticipated store events.

His prized designs are available through his 2 retail stores and upscale specialty retailers worldwide, such as The Cordial Cricket in Chester, Virginia. BEN’S GARDEN, the magazine column appears the beginning of every season in @Home Magazine. BEN’S GARDEN and his designs have recently been featured in InStyle and House & Garden magazines.

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Anonymous said...

WOW. What a great story. I remember hearing about Ben in InStyle Magazine. I'll make sure I get in to see the new things! Suzie