Monday, January 19, 2009

New Customer Referral and Rewards Program

We have started a new Customer Referral and Rewards Program at The Cordial Cricket and wanted to let you know how you can participate if you would like. I have so many folks who tell me all the time that they have told so many people about our store, which is greatly appreciated by the way. In an effort to thank these friends and customers who are doing so much word-of-mouth advertising for us, I have initiated a new Customer Referral and Rewards program that works like this:
  • Customer Referral Coupons are now available for pick-up in our store, or can be mailed or emailed to you upon request to give out to friends, co-workers, family, neighbors, etc. or anyone who you would normally tell about our store.
  • There is a place on the coupon where you would put your name before you give out the coupon (I was referred to shop here by: ______________).
  • The coupons are good for $5 off any purchase, made by a new customer to our store, on their first purchase of $25 or more.
  • For each Customer Referral Coupon that we receive back with your name on it as the Referrer, we will send you a coupon of your own to use for the same amount, $5 off any purchase of $25 or more, good any time.
  • There is no limit to how many you can receive, and they do not expire; however, you may only use one coupon per purchase.

I feel that many of you will really enjoy doing this because you so often bring and tell folks about our store whom have never been in. I really hope that it will be fun and rewarding for you, saving you money and giving your friends a nice little discount too.

Please let me know if you would like me to email/mail you some of the new Customer Referral Coupons to keep with you or set some aside at the store with your name on them for pick up the next time you stop by.

Thanks for your continued support of my business. I wish for you many wonderful things in 2009!

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