Monday, January 5, 2009

Get To Know Us in 2009

One of the greatest joys of being a business owner is finding just the right associates to assist you along the way. Employees who put your mind at ease, knowing that they treat all of your customers as you would your most delicate items, are extremely hard to find. I have been incredibly blessed in this department. With the growth of our store to a new, much larger location, what I used to try to manage by myself all of the time, is not quite as manageable. I am proud to say that I can now finally share some of it with a very capable staff, both as a team working together and in my absence. Whew, is it good to finally have some freedom!

I want to make sure that my wonderful customers are able to get to know my wonderful staff and feel just as comfortable when they work with them as they do when working with me. To my customers, know that you are always in good hands at The Cordial Cricket. Now let me make some brief introductions that will help you learn who is who at the store.

Sara Cravath - Sara is a confident and professional stay-at-home mother of two little ones. She enjoys motherhood, spending time with her family and being involved in her church. Being a mother of two, she has planned kid's parties and attended MANY more (as all young mothers can relate to). She always knows just the right words for your theme party or can suggest the perfect age appropriate gift for anyone. Sara really enjoys meeting new people every time she works at The Cordial Cricket. You can find her at the store helping out usually about 2 Saturdays a month.

Jennifer Eschbach - Jennifer is an experienced and certified wedding and event planner and loves sharing her wedding expertise with the brides that she meets in the store. Whether it is helping brides select the perfect Save the Date or wedding invitation or just giving them helpful advice, her professionalism and expertise always shows. She and her husband are expecting their first little one in June of this year and we all couldn't be more excited for her! You will find Jennifer at The Cordial Cricket 3 days a week and on Saturdays.

Billy Johnson - Billy is a retired educator and my very caring mother. She is a very busy grandmother and volunteer. She enjoys her book club, garden club and church activities. She has always been at the store to help with whatever was needed since even before day one. She loves to meet new customers and help them find just the gift that meets their needs or help the little ones in tow find the kids play area to be entertained while their mommies shop. You can find her at the store about one Saturday each month.

Jessica Lindsay - Jessica is the design mastermind behind all of our gorgeous in-store merchandise displays, decor, fabrics and accessories. She is also a busy mother of two and enjoys spending time with her kids and husband in their wonderful new home that they just finished building this summer. She has an extraordinary know how for all things design, decor and entertaining. She can help you choose just the right invitation for your party theme or design flair, make wonderful gift suggestions and help you pick the right ribbon frame to match your decor. You will find her at The Cordial Cricket decorating every other Wednesday.

Jaime Poole - Jaime is a hard-working mother of two, who enjoys family-time and working with the youth at her church. When she is at The Cordial Cricket she works hard to keep us all straight as the inventory manager, which believe me is a job! She can always tell you what we have or what we are out of. She also enjoys working with brides and customers to help them navigate the thousands of invitation choices we offer. Since she has helped out at The Cricket the longest, there isn't a job she hasn't done. You can find her at the store whenever I can pull her away from her full-time work long enough.

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