Friday, September 17, 2010

We Have THE Best Customers In The World!!

We have the BEST customers in the world!! Why do we say this, you ask? Because once again this year they came out in droves to support and show their love for our business at our Annual Birthday Party Event on Saturday, August 28th. They were anxiously awaiting our opening in line more than an hour before we opened the doors and the first 50 customers were rewarded with SWAG bags full of awesome free merchandise and special offers. They were treated to wonderful desserts made by Richmond's own Petites Bouchees and Candy Valley Cake Company. So much fun was had by all and the customers shopped the day away at our largest sidewalk sale ever and took advantage of 20% off all merchandise inside the store! It was a wonderful event and we are truly grateful for each and every customer who joined us to celebrate that day.

Our biggest FAN, Frances Warnick was the very first to arrive and camped out with a little school work to keep her busy while she waited! Such a productive gal she is and the sweetest too!

Many of our favorite customers, 50+ of them to be exact, waited patiently in line for us to open our doors!

Adorable and amazingly good Cake Pops from the wonderful Candy Valley Cake Company awaited our guests! We only serve the best treats you know.

The cutest cookies ever with our logo on them! Another special treat for our guests from our dessert artist special guests.

And the most wonderful, yummy Parisian Macarons you have ever tasted in your life! Made by our friends at Petites Bouchees. Thank you for treating our customers to such a "treat" for our birthday!

Stay tuned for more information about what our guests found in their awesome SWAG bags...

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