Friday, May 21, 2010

Scenes from the National Stationery Show

As many of you may already know, we have just returned from a wonderful trip to New York City for the annual National Stationery Show. This show gathers paper folks from all over the country and celebrates the joy of finding beautiful, unique, quirky and fun paper products to offer in your store. Paper boutique owners use it as a time to come together and socialize with their favorite paper friends who they may only see once a year and meet new friends. Great things happen at this show and we experienced many of them this year. In the coming weeks we will be sharing more about the specific friends we made, their companies, their products and why we chose them as new additions to our paper and gift boutique. Meanwhile, here are just a few "scenes from the show". Enjoy!

A very unique paper dress!

Visit with Peggy Post, great-grand daughter in-law of Emily.
She filled us all in on the latest wedding etiquette.

Some beautiful paper from one of our new wedding vendors.
Can't wait to show you all of their designs!

Breathtaking birth announcements from one of our top secret new vendors. You can even have photos printed on the back side of the announcement for NO charge!

A wonderful concept from a wonderful company that will soon be in our store. Ever wish you could re-use a greeting card, well think no longer!

A tree of beautiful paper.

The hand-bordering demonstration at the Crane & Co. booth. Amazing! If you've ever bought the Crane & Co. stationery from our store that has the fine colored border around the edge...this woman has done that by hand for 20+ years!

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carina said...

Great post! How fun to meet a descendant of the famed Emily Post. :)