Monday, February 8, 2010

A Unique Surprise Gift!

Today was pretty much a regular Monday and I was having a fine day, not bad, not great, just regular day...until our awesome UPS delivery driver Michael showed up with our daily deliveries. Being the type of store that we are, we receive daily shipments of special order gifts, wedding invitation orders and new inventory. It is always somewhat of a surprise to see "what came today". I reviewed the return addresses on all of the boxes determining which would get the priority of being opened first, and I was surprised to see a box from someone called Elenis. I didn't recognize the name at all, and noticed that the box had a cute pink design on the outside...hmmm...seemed interesting.

I quickly decided to open it first and was so surprised by the beautiful packaging! I knew it must be something really good and being unexpected made it even better. I have included a picture below of the adorable packaging.

Turns out that it was custom cookies from the folks at NYIGF (which translates into the New York International Gift Show) as a thank you gift for my attendance and participation. What a "sweet" gift, literally! This has got to be one of the coolest, most unique thank you gifts I have ever received. I mean these weren't just cookies, like in a tin that you get as a holiday vendor thank you, these were cookies, artfully packaged as a gift and printed with the NYIGF logo on the icing on top of the cookie! I mean how much more unique can you get. This gift expert was sufficiently impressed and my day instantly went from good to great, thus I wanted to share this unique gift idea with all of you. You can view the actual cookies below, before they got eaten :)

Visit Elenis' website to find out more about how you can send these artistic, tasty and custom thank you gifts. They also do cookie favors for all occasions from baby showers, to weddings, kid's parties, birthdays, or just cookies that say Thank You. Lots of adorable ideas.

I am so appreciative of this unique gift from NYIGF, and you can be sure they will get an extra special handwritten thank you note from me! I look forward to sending some cookies of my own for gifts in the future.


Poseidon said...
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Candy and Cake said...

Awesome cookies!