Thursday, June 4, 2009

cinda b Bags on "The Bachelorette"

As many of you probably know the new season of "The Bachelorette" premiered on May 18th! For all of you who are watching this season, keep your eyes open for the very popular cinda b travel bags, handbags and accessories to appear on the show's star.  The cinda b collection was chosen to be featured as a fashionable accessory adorning this season’s “Bachelorette” star, Jillian Harris in the highly popular program “The Bachelorette”.

A variety of cinda b bags will hang on Jillian’s shoulder throughout the season. So tune in and keep an eye out for cinda b travel bags including The Weekender, Super Tote, Garment Bag, Cosmetic Set, and the Flat Iron/Curling Iron Cover all in an array of cinda b’s sassy patterns and colors. Jillian might also be pulling out some shades from her Matching Sunglasses Case or heading off to get to know the eligible bachelors with the stylish Hobo poised high on her shoulder.

Considering Jillian is a designer herself, what better way to show off some serious style than with cinda b. With an array of 11 custom-designed prints and bright colors, cinda b offers a collection of handbags, travel, beauty, totes, accessories and baby bags. From the slouchy and casual Hobo Purse to the darling and functional Slim Tote, cinda b offers a bag for any gal-on-the-go! Cinda b’s collection is water-resistant and machine washable, made from durable, poly/nylon fabrics and proudly manufactured in the US. Visit our store for more information about or to purchase any of the cinda b collection bags.

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